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April 12, 2019
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April 12, 2019

How Yoga Can Actually Help Change Destructive Behavior

Yoga is a practice that has long been known as a holistic way to deal with many of life’s challenges

Many people who practice yoga do so because it is a great way to exercise, it helps them keep their balance and it is almost always a relaxing experience. Among the many other benefits of yoga, one of the best things yoga can do for a person is to help them change self-destructive behavior.

Whether these are bad habits that are simply inconvenient, or they are life-threatening behaviors, yoga can be used to help a person get through a difficult time.

Three Destructive Behaviors That Can Be Changed with Yoga

1. Addiction

Addiction, such as alcohol and drug addiction, is rooted in many different ways in people’s lives. Some people become addicts because they were born to be addicts, it is a gene that they inherited.

Others become addicts because they lose themselves in destructive behavior, such as drinking too much, too often and becoming reliant on alcohol. 😮

When a person suffers from alcoholism, they become disengaged with their own body. A person who wants to fight their alcoholism and overcome it can do so using yoga, because it forces them to bring their mind and spirit back into unity.

Yoga forces a person to concentrate on one thing

And one thing onlybreathing and staying in the proper posture. This can help keep an addict focused on something else other than their drug of choice, and can help them overcome difficult periods of withdrawal.

2. Weight Gain

Many people struggle with weight gain their entire lives. It is a vicious cycle that is difficult to stop.

Everyone wants to feel full and satisfied, and people who are genetically predisposed to gain weight can have a more difficult time than others keeping their weight in check.

Unfortunately when people are overweight they do not feel well

Their body does not function as well as it should. People who struggle with losing weight might feel that yoga is not an exercise that burns enough calories. While it is true that yoga does not burn the same amount of calories that aerobic exercises will do people who practice yoga learn to have a better sense of self control

While they are working on their mind-body awareness, they are learning how to control their urges for food while at the same time exercising.

3. Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression can lead to many destructive behaviors as people try to find ways to cope with a difficult illness. Some people eat too much, and others don’t eat enough.

Other people turn to drugs and alcohol to help them escape their blues.

However, yoga can provide a way for the mind to escape and the body to relax. It provides the person with natural endorphins, and the breathing exercises will help control anxiety in a natural way.

Many of these destructive behaviors are not behaviors of choice ❌

People who suffer from these afflictions have been faced with challenges all their lives. An addict isn’t an addict because they want to be an addict, and people who suffer from anxieties and depression wouldn’t wish it on their worst enemies.

The struggle, however, often comes from dealing with the issues that we are given in our lives. Many people have found that 21st century medicine has too many side effects, and that other people do not understand what they are going through at the time.

Yoga has proven to be one of the most effective natural ways to combat some of life’s most self-destructive behaviors. ✔

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