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April 12, 2019
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Can Everyone Do Yoga? You’re Never Too Old Never Too Unhealthy

In the Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Swatmaramji says:

Yuva vridhova vyaadhito durvloipi va

Abhyasaat Siddhimapnoti sarvayogeshvatandrit (H. P.)

The door of yoga is open for everyone, whether he is young, old, sick or weak, everyone can do the practice of yoga sadhana.

once he has let go of laziness Siddhis can also be gained❗

Shri Dattatreya Maharaj says:

Brahmin: Shramano vapi Boudho vapyahritosthva
Kapihko va charvak: shradhya sahit: sudhi:
Yogabhyasarto nityam sarvasiddhimvapnuyaat

The practitioner of yoga can be:


✅Believer of the Vaidik faith


✅Buddhist lain

Kapilik tantric

✅Non-believer or Atheist (one who does not believe in God);

If he remains in the regular, consistent practice of yoga with understanding and faith, he will surely gain the divine powers (siddhis).

TO GAIN SUCCESS IN YOGA, one neither needs any special clothes or outfits, nor any special mantra, nor does he need to believe in any special God or Saint. What he needs to believe in the promise of shastras (texts) or the guru, just like we believe in the doctor to get well.

There is no restriction of faith to do yoga, nor restriction of age, nor restriction of sex. You can be a follower of any faith, you can be a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jain, Buddhist or Sikh or be from any country…

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it does not make any difference

You don’t need to change your faith, you don’t need to break your vows, you can learn the knowledge of yoga – YOU CAN PRACTICE YOGA

Sadhana practiced with faith and belief will surely allow one to attain siddhis through yoga, success in purpose and one’s goal will definitely be attained.

He who lives in a palace or he who lives in a jhopri (hut) has equal right to walk on the path of yoga. A lamp made of clay and a lamp made of brass both give out the same light.

Yoga is a must for everyone

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