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April 12, 2019
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April 12, 2019

Gaining Divine Energy Through Yoga

By entering the discipline of Yoga Sadhana, divine energies are bestowed upon the saadhak.

Bhagwan Shri Krishna says in the Bhagvad Gita while mentioning the divine energies: “To the one who practices Yoga Sadhana, first of all I bestow the gift of fearlessness in him, and make him worthy of divine energies.”

Abhyam Satvasanshudhigyaanaryogavyavyasthiti:

Danam Damashch Yagyashch Swadyaastap Aajarvam

Ahimsa Satyamkrodhastyaag: Shantirpaishunam

Daya Bhuteshvaloluptavam Mardavam Hrirchapalam

Tej: Shama Dhriti: Shouchmadroho natimanita

Bhavanti Sampadam Daivimbhijatasya Bharat.

(Gita 16 /1-3)

Abhay, meaning to become fearless.

For the service of mankind, to give up fear and be able to fearlessly fight against injustice is the power gained by the sadhak. With this is also gained a total awakening of inner consciousness, truthful knowledge to understand gyaanyoga with a steadiness of continuity, pure charity, detachment of the senses, prayers to gods and gurus and offerings to fire, the highest ideal of duty, studying of the Vedas and Vedantas as well as taking the name of God and kirtan, maintaining one’s self- principles and bearing difficulties if need be, allows a simple and easy going nature to be led by the sadhak.

Along with this, a yogic practitioner should: never hurt anyone with mind, speech or body, speak always the truth with gentleness even to those who wish him harm, always do his duty selflessly, let go of his pride, be free of restlessness, never talk ill of others, always be kind to sad souls and help them.

Bhagwan Shri Krishna says that a saadhak, while maintaining the relationships of life or samskara and doing one’s duty, should also remain detached and free from the afflictions of the mind. Not only that, a practitioner of yoga receives the divine gifts of gentleness, humbleness and modesty, all of which are high qualities. Modesty is a wonderful quality, but a word of caution –

these qualities fade away from those who indulge in intoxication.

A yoga practitioner learns to give up useless efforts, instead he allows himself to focus his energy and achieve his goals. The Saadhak gains the qualities of forgiveness, patience, and the capability to attain spiritual powers. Thus Yogiraj Shri Krishna says that a saadhak always lives in purity in his internal and external world, does not keep enemity with anyone and also maintains that same respectful nature for himself – all of these are high qualities attained through Yoga Abhyaas. Also, a yoga saadhak attains the divine qualities, becoming one with divine nature – through which the saadhak is able to walk forward in life for any good deed, making his own life more fulfilling and rewarding.

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